The Imint Vidhance Selfie Mode solution claims it will always keep vloggers in frame. Selfie videos can tend to be hard to control, so this should make it a lot easier.

The Vidhance Selfie Mode uses both artificial intelligence and facial recognition to make sure your face stays in frame even while on the move. To create this solution, Imint teamed up with Qualcomm to create something that can automatically detect your face. After it detects your face, it applies algorithms to track its movement and continuously reposition you in the frame.

“Imint’s groundbreaking new Vidhance Selfie Mode combines artificial intelligence and facial recognition to help ensure a user stays in-frame when video chatting, recording Instagram stories, and more,” Imint says.

Imint Selfie Mode in use
Vidhance Selfie Mode should always keep you in frame

Also announced alongside Vidhance Selfie Mode

Alongside Vidhance Selfie Mode, Imint announced two other smartphone solutions that help stabilize video and keep cameras aligned.

Vidhance Super Stabilization

Vidhance Super Stabilization is made to bring action camera stabilization to smartphones, according to Imint. It uses both wide-angle and high-resolution sensors. They together should create more stable results. Vidhance Super Stabilization can also manipulate more of the original video to compensate for excessive motion.

Vidhance MCT

Vidhance MCT was designed to address challenges posed by integrating multiple cameras in mobile devices.

“For example, as a smartphone transitions from its built-in zoom lens to its wide-angle lens, there is often a jump in both the X and Y directions. Vidhance MCT smooths the transition from camera to camera using a proprietary self-calibration algorithm that constantly learns from the images it processes,” says Imint.

Additionally, when manufactures use multiple cameras, there can be natural misalignment between each. You will have to manually align, but even then the camera can fall out of alignment. Vidhance MCT will automatically align each camera.

Where can you get these solutions?

All three of these solutions will debut in the Vidhance 3.6 software release.


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