Honestly, I had never heard of WheezyWaiter before this assignment. So I took it upon myself, with the right pocket of time over the weekend, to dive deep into all things WheezyWaiter. What I found was a YouTube personality with a unique sense of humor and endless curiosity. His videos had me laughing and learning about all kinds of topics.

Afterward, I asked myself why this was so easy. It came down to the fact that Craig, the creator behind WheezyWaiter, was learning about the topic himself right alongside his audience. As he tries to answer the tough questions such as “Why do people like college?“, Craig interjects expert interviews between quick sketches and vlog-style documentation of his own experiences. This format makes it feel like we are all learning something together, with expert sources there to guide us.

Why are expert sources important?

WheezyWaiter, sparked by his curiosity, has taken on numerous 30-day challenges that force him to make changes in his life. Throughout each challenge, Craig documents his experience and consults with experts on the particular subject at hand. Though he eschews any claim of expertise himself, WheezyWaiter videos are still highly educational because of this expert input.

Including experts in your videos adds merit to the entire project.

Talking with an expert gives the perspective of someone working in a niche or specific line of work. Including experts in your videos leverages their knowledge and adds merit to the entire project. This is why WheezyWaiter’s talks with experts are so crucial to the overall learning aspect of these videos.

On WheezyWaiter, Craig and his wife, Chyna, explore the human experience through personal challenges like not eating sugar for 30 days.

Aside from giving your content more authority, interviewing experts has another benefit. As the viewer, seeing these challenges may spark a desire to see if you can hack it for 30 days. However, not everyone will have the same experience. Showing an expert giving some warning and debunking misconceptions allows the viewer to understand that taking on this challenge may need to be done with caution. In a sense, the expert becomes the words of wisdom, like consulting with your physician.

How does WheezyWaiter find experts to interview?

WheezyWaiter no doubt spends time researching potential interviewees before reaching out to them to request an interview. Choosing the right expert for your video means doing your research, vetting what the expert knows and seeing how that knowledge best fits with the story you want to tell.

Ultimately, WheezyWaiter likely reaches out to several experts who can provide insight on the topic at hand, then makes his final selection based on who is available and the perspective they can offer. He will often bring on multiple experts with differing opinions to provide a diverse view of the subject matter.

WheezyWaiter combines personal experimentation with expert insight to produce well-rounded and informative videos like this one on veganism.

How to include experts in your own videos

Taking the next step to contact an expert is like inviting someone knowledgeable to collaborate on a project. In fact, WheezyWaiter often features experts from the YouTube community. His guests often have their own channels focused on their niche knowledge.

Connecting with these experts can be rather easy. First, spend some time looking for experts in the subjects you want to cover, be it Intermittent fasting, eating like a vegan, buying a home or bettering your finances. Upon delving into this area, you’ll see that some prospects have a better handle on the subject than others, or some are newer to the game. The choice is yours. Just remember, you want to select experts that bring clarity to your topic and help your viewer better understand how it affects them in the end.

Upon building yourself a substantial list contact each person on the list via email, direct message or even a phone call. In many cases, these experts let you know you how to best get in touch with them on their website or social media profiles. Whatever avenue you decide, be persistent and understand it may take some time to get a reply. Once you do, be ready to take the project to the next level and interview this expert for your purposes. 

The end goal

In the end, what my weekend diving deep into WheezyWaiter’s content showed me is that educational YouTube content can be fun and at the same time help viewers get a new perspective on life’s big questions. To enhance the educational aspect of your video, use an expert to give your video a solid foundation of knowledge that helps people learn.