Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we just change our minds. Say you created “Metalmaster231” as your Twitch screen name long before you realized you would become a holistic ASMR streamer. Or, you wish you had known two months ago your new friend didn’t really want to be your co-host before you included their name in your channel name.

It’s okay. These things happen. Thankfully, Twitch allows you to change your channel name, and it’s pretty easy. This article will walk you through the steps of changing your Twitch name. Additionally, we will talk about the rules Twitch has about name changes and where you should change your name in the first place.

Username vs. display name

Everyone on Twitch has a username and a display name. Your display name is what shows on your Profile page and when you make a comment in chat. Your username is separate from the display name and is used as an account identifier. It’s also what appears in the URL to your channel. Usernames are always lowercase, while your display name can use capitalization.

While separate, your username and display name are still tied together. In settings, you can make amendments to both these names separately, but there’s a catch. The display name edit box only lets you change the capitalization of your characters. The characters and their order are determined by what you put into the username box.

So, if your username is “divinedaniel,” example display names you could have include: DivineDaniel, Divinedaniel and dIvIneDAnIeL. However, you can’t change your display name to “DanielIsDivine” without changing your username to “danielisdivine.”

Should you change your Twitch username?

Before you change your name on Twitch, you must first evaluate whether you should change your username, and this comes down to your community and its size. If you are new to streaming and you’re not pulling in many viewers and you don’t have many followers, changing your name is probably okay. However, if you have a few hundred followers and a decent, consistent live viewer count, you may want to think twice about changing your name. Sure, you may think your name is random or doesn’t match the content you make, but you’ve cultivated your community with that branding. When you change that branding, you will inevitably lose viewers and followers. That’s not to say you can’t rebrand at any point in your career as a streamer. It may even be beneficial to rebrand to reach a larger audience. You just have to be prepared for the loss in viewers.

From a business standpoint, especially if you are or your close to becoming a partnered streamer, changing your name is a massive headache and may be detrimental to your stream. Just know that it’s okay if you have a name that’s random or has a lot of numbers. It’s all a part of your branding, and if you’re fine with it, then it’s fine to keep the name. For example, JERMA985 ranks among the top Twitch streamers, with an average viewer count of 19K per stream, and keeps random numbers in his name. Most viewers will look past the numbers and just call him Jerma. Your community will do the same if you decide to stick with your name.

What happens to my channel if I change my name?

Thankfully, your followers list and video counts stay the same after you change your name. Also, your stats and analytics all stay the same as well. Note that your channel URL will change when you update your name. So, be sure to track everywhere you hyperlink to your Twitch channel prior to the change; the old links won’t redirect to your new channel.

Twitch’s rules regarding name changes

Twitch limits you to one username change every 60 days. So, if you change your name as a joke, you’re stuck with it for two months. Twitch will hold your previous username for at least six months, so if the name change isn’t working out, you can go back without worrying someone snatched it. Note that Twitch doesn’t recycle partner usernames. So, this means if xQc ends up changing his channel name, no one else can take the name once he gives it up. This prevents users from pretending to be big creators and allows creators to return relatively easily if they change their minds.

How to change your name on Twitch

Now that we’ve run through Twitch’s rules about name changes and what you need to consider before changing your username, it’s time to walk through how to actually change your name.

On desktop

  1. Click on your user profile in the top right of the screen
  2. Go into Settings
  3. Navigate to your username under the Profile Settings
  4. Click on the pencil icon to edit and choose another username
  5. Edit your display name if you so choose
  6. Hit Save Changes

On mobile in the Twitch app

  1. Tap your user profile in the top left of your screen
  2. Go to Account Settings
  3. Select Account
  4. Go to Edit Profile
  5. Tap on your username in the About section
  6. Edit your username to what you want to change it to
  7. Hit save
  8. Adjust your display name if you want and save that as well

New name, new creator

Rebranding your channel is a huge step for every creator. It can open a lot of new doors for you, but be careful. It can also close a lot of them as well. Take your time and really consider if you need to change your name. If the answer is yes, follow the steps above and rock your new username.