In a nutshell

  • The journey to 10,000 YouTube subscribers varies significantly among creators, with the number of videos required ranging from as few as eight to over 500.
  • vidIQ estimates its takes between 151 to 418 videos to reach 10K subscribers.
  • Your niche and the type of content you make will affect how quickly you grow.

In the ever-evolving landscape of YouTube, gaining 10,000 subscribers has become a benchmark for many aspiring content creators. With the daily influx of countless videos, standing out from the crowd and building a substantial subscriber base is more challenging than ever before.

Regardless of the platform — be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitch — effective growth hinges on content creators crafting compelling and targeted content that captivates their intended audience. While established celebrities might have an edge with their existing fanbase, this article aims to demystify the journey for those without such a head start.

Garnering 10,000 subscribers on YouTube is a significant yet completely achievable milestone. So, the pressing question is: How many videos does it take to reach this milestone? Earning subscribers isn’t just about the volume of content; it’s also about retaining the interest of those who’ve already clicked the “subscribe” button. This article delves into the strategies needed to attract and maintain 10,000 loyal subscribers on YouTube.

Let’s get started.

Look to others

The best way to gauge how many videos it might take to reach 10,000 subscribers is to look at channels that have achieved this milestone. That way, we see how many videos these channels took to get 10,000 subscribers and how they achieved it. Let’s take a look at two successful channels: Keith Knittel and Lovecraftforever. Both channels achieved the coveted 10K subscriber milestone, but both had different paths to that achievement. 

Keith Knittel

Keith Knittel, a designer and videographer, joined YouTube in 2019. His videos, which center primarily on camera and tech reviews, along with tutorials, benefit from his dual expertise. He is heavily invested in technology, with a passion for travel and the mechanics of both video and still photography devices. The channel’s appeal lies in Knittel’s genuine enthusiasm for creating quality photos and videos and his connection with his viewers, which is evident in his straightforward and polished presentation that avoids distracting graphics and audio.

Keith’s path to 10K subscribers was quite a quick one. He was able to reach the mark after posting just eight videos. At this time, his content was focused on tutorial videos, with his top-performing video being a tips and tricks guide for getting the best footage with the DJI Osmo Pocket. Ultimately, his videos satisfied an immediate need from — likely — viewers who just bought the products and wanted to learn how to use them.


Lovecraftforever’s channel reveals a deep passion for crafting, encompassing everything from stitching to diamond painting. Recognizing the need for guidance in these creative pursuits, Lovecraftforever posts videos showcasing “crafty goodies,” tutorials and do-it-yourself projects. The content emphasizes creation and creativity, delving into the subject matter in detail to highlight the craftsmanship involved.

For Lovecraftforever, the road to 10K subscribers took longer than Keith Knittel. In fact, it was quite a grind. Lovecraftforever uploaded 507 videos before she was able to reach the milestone. Her success, while it took some time, shows that if you stay consistent and post often, you will climb if the content you’re making resonates.

What are the experts saying?

So, how many videos, on average, does it take to get to 10K subscribers? Well, as you might have guessed, the answer isn’t so easy to answer. Ultimately, there’s no exact number. According to Marina Mogilko of vidIQ, an online educational platform providing YouTube channel growth analytics and video tutorials, the range varies from 151 to 418 videos. That is quite a massive range. The journey to 10K can significantly differ from one content creator to another, as exemplified by Keith Knittel and Lovecraftforever, both achieving this milestone through entirely different pathways. Also note this estimate encompasses all YouTube channels, not just content creators.

Diving a little deeper, the genre of your videos can also dramatically influence the number of uploads needed to attract 10K subscribers. For instance, channels centered around tech reviews, such as Keith Knittel’s, often require fewer videos as they typically attract a highly engaged and targeted audience. On the other hand, more niche crafting channels like Lovecraftforever may necessitate a larger video library to reach the same goal. 

While these figures offer a glimpse into the potential roadmap to 10K subscribers, it’s essential to remember that the path to YouTube success doesn’t follow a rigid formula.

The content drives the channel

Ultimately reaching a higher number of subscribers is a good goal for every content creator. However, it’s not just about producing more videos. Quality will always come before quantity. Although the number of uploads certainly plays a role in gaining visibility, it’s the quality and resonance of the content that truly captivate and retain subscribers. Thoughtfully-crafted content that is authentic, engaging and audience-focused will always be a catalyst for channel growth.