Ryft — a 17-year-old Fortnite expert on YouTube — recently hit 1 million subscribers. On YouTube, there is an endless amount of Fortnite related content, so to stand out is quite the achievement.

Starting out

Bryan — aka Ryft — is from Boston and currently lives there. He is due to graduate high school soon and told Tubefilter that his “future is looking very bright.” 

Ryft is a day one Fortnite player — he played the very first day it came out. He’s been obsessed ever since. He began playing with a group of friends who had all looked up to YouTubers. Ryft was the one to achieve this goal in his group of friends. A childhood dream came true when he hit a million subscribers. 

Ryft had no intention of being a full-time creator on top of being a full-time student. He started out as just having fun with it. He made content he enjoyed that involved music and gameplay.  

Staying on track

A regular day for Ryft includes being a student by day and a YouTuber by night. He explains that sacrifices have to made to achieve his goals at a high level. Ryft studied other Fortnite YouTubers to make his unique content stand out from the rest. He is actively engaging with their interests so that he holds their attention to stay popular.

An established schedule is necessary for him to maintain his status on YouTube. Ryft has been uploading every three days this past year. He films the first day, edits the second then uploads the third day. He said he only recently started working with editors to help him stay on schedule.

YouTube has given Ryft a community of his own. Knowing he has loyal supporter drives him to keep creating. He explains that if you are a genuine person who enjoys what they are doing, you have the means to create a community. 


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