Facebook is reportedly testing a feature called Super, which will allow fans to pay creators to appear alongside them during livestreams.

The Super tool sounds very similar to Cameo, however, there are some differences. For instance, creators will be able to sell merch and other production in their livestreams, according to Bloomberg.

How will the feature work?

The tool can be used during video events. Viewers will have the option to top creators by buying the ability to appear alongside a creator during the livestream to ask a question or take a selfie. So, essentially, it’s a ticket to meet the creator virtually. This comes from a person familiar with the new feature, who spoke to Bloomberg about the feature.

Right now, the feature is being developed within Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team. It’s currently being tested internationally.

New ways to monetize on Facebook

The feature opens new ways for creators to monetize their livestreams and interact with their communities. Currently, there’s no word on how much a viewer will have to pay to use the feature. It’s possible that the feature could offer different buying options. For instance, a selfie might cost less than a question. There’s no word about whether there’ll be more interactions added to the tool on launch or after launch.

We will update you more on this tool as more information comes out.

Image courtesy: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash