In Facebook’s latest push to attract more creators to its platform, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the platform is investing over $1 billion into bonus programs that will pay creators on Facebook and Instagram for using their tools and creating content.

In a post this week, Zuckerberg pledged over $1 billion to Facebook and Instagram creator programs to “reward creators for great content they create” up until the end of 2022.

Current Facebook bonuses we know about

The first round of bonuses will offer cash rewards to creators making videos with Facebook’s in-stream ads switched on. Additionally, Facebook is using some of the funds to expand its Stars system. Zuckerberg also says creators making either gaming videos or livestreaming games could receive monthly bonus payments based on how many stars they get from viewers. However, this bonus will only last for a few months and will end in October.

Current Instagram bonuses we know about

Creators on Instagram have opportunities to earn bonuses as well. U.S. creators will receive a one-time bonus if they have IGTV ads enabled. Also, Instagram will reward creators who are making Reels, and also for hitting milestones in Instagram Live.

Investing to capture creators’ attention

From the looks of it, Facebook’s $1 billion investment into these programs is its latest push to get more creators creating content on its platform. This is a similar approach to how Snapchat recently incentivized creators to use Spotlight — by paying out $1 million a day to successful creators. For the most part, Spotlight grew quickly and the incentive for massive payouts had a hand in that. We could see the same kind of growth for Facebook here.

We expect to hear more about Facebook’s investments soon. We’ll report on any new information as it comes out.