Dbrand, a company that makes skins for gadgets, is filing a lawsuit against CASETiFY in Canadian courts over allegedly stolen designs. The designs in question are part of the company’s accessory lines called Teardown. 

The designs in question

The line is a collaboration with a tech YouTuber Zack Nelson, also known as JerryRigEverything, popular for testing the durability of devices and tearing them down devices to check their internal structure. To make the designs, the company scans the structure of the devices they are making skins for, tweaks the images, shifts parts around and then prints the designs. 

Dbrand and Nelson posted on X accusing CASETiFY of stealing their designs for its phone case line called Inside Out. They pointed out that easter eggs on their original designs are also included in designs from CASETiFY, which include the popular catch-phrase coined by Nelson: “glass is glass and glass breaks,” a reference to its founding date “11.11” and the company’s X handle name “R0807.” After investigating all the designs that CASETiFY allegedly stole, Dbrand discovered that at least 117 designs were stolen. 

“If CASETiFY had simply created their own Teardown-esque design from scratch, we wouldn’t have anything to take issue with,” Dbrand CEO Adam Ijaz said. “We are under no illusion that Dbrand owns the idea of taking apart phones and scanning them. The fact of the matter is that they repurposed our existing designs for their products, then went to great lengths to conceal their illegitimate appropriation of our work.”

CASETiFY responds

CASETiFY posted its response on X, saying that it’s currently investigating the allegation. The company also said that it has removed all the designs in question from its website.