In the twinkling lights of the holiday season, gift guides serve the important purpose of bringing givers and receivers a little closer together. They help bridge the gaps when you’re unsure how to shop for the things they’ll love most. It’s especially true when you know someone with a really cool hobby or job in an area you’re unfamiliar with — like content creation. But don’t fret; we’ve got you covered.

From the newbie hobbyist to the seasoned pro, our curated list of gift ideas ensures you’ll find the perfect match for the content creators in your life. We’ve separated our faves into categories for lighting, audio, software and cool extras.


Choosing the right camera for your needs as a content creator is super important. Help out your content creator with these great camera options.

Panasonic LUMIX S5II

The LUMIX S5II is a compact hybrid powerhouse. It’s the first LUMIX full-frame hybrid mirrorless camera to utilize phase detection autofocus and Active I.S.. The S5II features unlimited video recording using a 24.2-MP 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor, combining high resolution and great low-light image quality. With the open gate function, you can easily create content in multiple aspect ratios for posting to various social platforms. Also, the camera supports AFC burst shooting at 30 frames per second, allowing you to capture high-resolution images and get the perfect shot. Plus, with the Real Time LUT function, you can enable in-camera photo and video color grading. Learn more.

PTZOptics Studio Pro

The Studio Pro is a complete content creation and live streaming solution featuring 12X optical zoom, a 72.5-degree field of view and a portrait and landscape toggle switch, empowering users to connect with their audiences however they watch. The camera’s time-of-flight sensor gives the camera quick focus capabilities. In contrast, its advanced focus settings allow users to achieve a bokeh effect for a more unique and creative visual experience. It captures clear audio with its internal noise-canceling microphone array and lights scenes with the LED light panel accessory. It also has a cold shoe for mounting the light, a shotgun mic or other accessories Learn more.

Lighting gifts for content creators

Whenever your content creator gets in front of a camera, the lighting will always be on their mind. You’ve maybe heard the saying that lighting is as important, if not more important, than the camera you’re using. This is because, with bad lighting, you get unflattering shadows. At worst, it will be hard to see what’s going on. So, lighting gifts are always welcomed gifts in a creator’s home, no matter if they make YouTube videos, upload TikToks or stream on Twitch. Consider giving a good ring light that they can take with them everywhere or some versatile professional-level lighting elements that can attach to tripods or sit on a table near their camera to ensure they are truly the focus of the show.

Ulanzi Cardlite Card-Sized LED Light ~ $15

This compact LED light has easy-to-use features that enhance the quality of your content creator’s productions. With adjustable brightness levels and color temperature, this light lets users customize the lighting according to their needs and create the perfect ambiance for their videos. Also, this light is super lightweight and has a small build, making it incredibly portable. The light will run for up to 1.5 hours on full power or up to 13 at minimum output. So, the Cardlite is the perfect companion for on-the-go video recording. Additionally, the Cardlite comes with various mounting options, allowing creators to attach it to their smartphones and cameras.

Genaray RGB-60B On-Camera Mini RGB Light ~ $35

With its portable design and rechargeable battery, the Genaray RGB-60B On-Camera Mini RGB Light is perfect for mobile shooting, making it an excellent gift for online creators. The light can be mounted directly onto a dedicated camera or any 1/4-inch-20 socket tripod or camera bracket. It also allows adjustment of color temperature, RGB settings and brightness and can emit over 21 adjustable lighting effects. Whatever niche your content creator specializes in, this mini RGB light will add a professional touch to their projects.

Angler BI-45W RL Black Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit ~ $80

Ring lights have become a must-have for online creators. This one makes a nice gift because it really has everything a good ring light needs: ultrabright, soft illumination, silent operation, color temperature adjustment from 3200 to 5600K and continuous dimming from 0-100%. It provides superb lighting for videos, portraits and livestreaming with adjustable color temperature and brightness levels. Also, its large size ensures even illumination and a flattering effect in all shots. Plus, it’s easy to set up, making it a great addition to any creator’s lighting setup.

Kaiess Full-screen Ring Light with Tripod Stand ~ $32

If you want to get a light that takes the concept of the ring light to the next level, the Kaiess Full-screen Ring Light with Tripod Stand is a great pick. It’s an all-in-one ring light that can be swapped between a flattering ring light and a bright desk light. The light also comes with a tripod and phone holder. The included tripod stand offers stability and various height options for versatile shooting setups. It’s easy to pack up and take with them for remote meetings, on-location podcasts and anywhere that requires excellent portable lighting.

ZUUKOO Novelty Smart LED Light Bar ~ $35

This light bar kit is a fun gift for your favorite gamer or creator. With nearly endless colors — 16 million, to be exact — and 19 modes, creators can set the perfect mood in their videos. Cooler than that, though, these light bars can be synced to the sound system to pulse, change and dance to the sounds and music. It’s a super-effective way to help your giftee level up their creator space with eye-catching lighting that will impress their audience.

Ubeesize LED Light Stands Kit ~ $40

A good versatile lighting kit is an essential tool for creators working in large or small studios. This Ubeesize LED Light Stands Kit includes two adjustable LED lights with completely adjustable (from about 24 inches up to 57 inches) tripods that can easily stand on tables or floors. The customizable lighting options include several color screens that are perfect for shooting videos, product photography or livestreams. Since this kit is easy to use and delivers consistent illumination, ensuring professional-looking results, we think it makes a great gift for newbies and seasoned pros alike.

Microphones and audio gear

Now, let’s talk audio. Just as important as lighting, good audio is another critical aspect of content creation. All creators need a good audio setup — and great audio doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many options out there, but it needs to be the right gear for the job. For instance, a gaming livestreamer needs a different mic setup than an IRL vlogger. Make no mistake, good audio is essential. Bad sound quality can really put off viewers and is one of the fastest ways to fail in the content creation world.

Thankfully, these gifts can help you help the content creator in your life nail their audio.

Saramonic BlinkMeB2

The Saramonic Blink Me B2 is a next-generation, two-person clip-on smart wireless microphone system that delivers high-quality sound to 3.5 mm and USB-C input cameras, smartphones, computers, recorders, mixers and much more. Its two touchscreen microphone transmitters with built-in omnidirectional mics feature high-definition onboard recording, active noise-cancellation, a customizable user interface screen and settings control. It also features a dual-channel receiver with advanced control functionality for both the receiver and transmitters, simultaneous analog and digital audio output, headphone out and much more. The system is paired with an exclusive App for even more control and customization features, plus video and audio recording. Learn more.

Sennheiser EW-DP

With EW-DP, Sennheiser has introduced the 5th generation of its popular wireless microphone systems for filmmakers and creators. This digital UHF microphone system features an all-new portable design and impressive audio quality. At its heart is a compact, intelligent receiver that helps even novice users easily set up their audio, with Smart Notifications providing system guidance and trouble-shooting when you encounter a challenge. The receiver features an innovative magnetic stacking system and can be controlled remotely via the Smart Assist app. It’s complemented by a sturdy bodypack transmitter and the ME 2 omnidirectional lavalier mic, which delivers clear, intelligible dialogue. Learn more.

Polsen Omnidirectional Gooseneck Mic ~ $29

This gooseneck mic is a perfect addition to any tabletop setup for gamers, podcasters, streamers and more, this gooseneck microphone offers high-quality audio and a flexible, adjustable design. It connects via USB, making for easy setup and high compatibility with various devices. The Polsen Omnidirectional Gooseneck Mic also features noise-canceling tech and an omnidirectional pickup pattern. This means the mic will pick up voices from every direction and block out any background noise, ensuring your content creator can capture crisp, clear audio from any angle.

FTF GEAR Studio Condenser USB Microphone Kit ~ $70

The FTF GEAR Condenser Microphone is a versatile and professional-grade option when you’re looking for gifts for online creators. With its adjustable pivoting arm and multiple setup options, this condenser microphone is ideal for vocals, podcasts and music video recordings. This cool mic kit has USB connectivity for easy compatibility with laptops, desktops and other devices. It also comes with a windscreen, pop filter, two different mounts and velcro straps to keep it perfectly in place.

OnStage Telescoping Microphone Boom ~ $27

If you know your favorite creator has a few great mics — or you’ve already picked some out for gifting — this telescoping mic boom can help them get more versatility out of their mics. It’s compatible with nearly all mics and mic stands. They can use it for adjustable positioning during recordings or performances. It helps creators and producers capture excellent sound quality without getting any extra crew or gear in the shots. It’s also great for livestreamers who need a mic that they can reposition throughout the stream.

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone ~ $101

This is a highly regarded and popular choice among online creators. Known for its exceptional audio quality and versatility, the Yeti offers four different pickup patterns, allowing for various recording applications. Whatever they’re recording, your content creator will look awesome doing it with this classy tabletop mic. The real joy in this gift shines through in the extra digital magic that it’s capable of. It has fun vocal effects, voice modulation, sound sampling and so much more to keep their audience completely entertained every time they go on-air.

The Imaging World Advanced Broadcast Kit ~ $99

If you’re looking for a microphone category gift for content creators that brings a wow factor, this might be it. In addition to the professional-quality mic, this kit includes everything you can think of to be sure all of their audio capture needs are covered. It comes with a furry wind muff, foam wind shield and comfort hand grips. Plus, it has a shock mount and stand mount with connectors and adapters to work with nearly any tripod, boom stick or mic stand. They even include a cleaning kit and a hard shell carrying case.

HyperXCloud PC Gaming Headphones and Mic Set ~ $84

This HyperX headset is a fantastic audio gear option for gamers above all other types of creators. Designed with comfort and performance in mind, this headset provides immersive sound quality and excellent noise isolation. The detachable microphone allows for crystal-clear voice communication during gaming sessions. It has a durable construction, premium sound drivers and an adjustable headband for a customized fit that gamers will love.

Movo Complete Vlogger Microphone and Light Kit ~ $98

Movo designed this mic and lighting rig set specifically for smartphones. That makes it super convenient for vlogging, livestreaming and interviews. Its wireless receiver creates freedom of movement while recording, eliminating tangled cables and tripping hazards in high-action locations. The microphone itself is lightweight, easy to attach and captures clear and directional sound without unwanted background noise. The card-sized LED light in this kit has multiple brightness settings to ensure perfect illumination in different settings. The kit comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter and a handful of accessories, making it a great gift for your favorite vlogger.

Storage that travels

If you’re not a video creator yourself, you might think of travel bags and gear-carrying cases when you hear the word “storage” in this context. We’re actually talking about the video storage itself, though. SD, SSD, micro SD cards and more are incredibly helpful gifts that come in very tiny packages. The more storage they have, the more content they can create. And having backup cards allows them to keep shooting without worrying that they’ll run out of space. Whether they are uploading content directly to YouTube or doing a lot of editing first, they’ll be glad to have extra cards and port hubs to get the job done.

Lexar CFexpress cards

Whether you’re looking for Type-A or Type-B cards, Lexar has covered all the bases with three different tiers of CFexpress cards — from our CFexpress Type A and Type B SILVER cards to CFexpress Type A and Type B GOLD cards to our highest-performance card, the CFexpress Type B DIAMOND Series. With blazing-fast write speeds that allow creatives to capture cinema-quality 8K video to powerful read speeds that accelerate workflows by transferring files in a flash, Lexar cards are the perfect gift for every photographer, videographer and creative professional. Learn more.

Emtec Portable SSD ranging from 256GB to 1T capacity ~ $45 to $120

Video and photo storage is a complicated topic and an absolute must-have for every creator. It’s one of those things you can never have enough of. But it can also become very expensive, making it such a nice gift to receive. Emtec makes it easy by offering reliable, affordable options for any budget:

Sabrent HB-B7C3 USB 3.0 7-Port Hub ~ $50

Multi-port hubs can definitely make your videographer’s job so much easier because they can get more work done in less time. They can connect phones, cameras, storage devices, card readers and more for charging or uploading to keep their content editing flow in motion. This one has an AC adapter for power and is compatible with Windows and Mac, making it an easy option for gift-giving.


For the livestreamer in your life, here are a few awesome options to help them take their streams to the next level.

Videoguys LiveU Solo Pro

With the LiveU Solo Pro, you can deliver an outstanding live video experience from anywhere. The LiveU Solo PRO video encoder, together with its Solo Creator Universe, offers one-touch, wireless livestreaming, directly from your camera to popular online platforms and any web destination. With up to 4K resolution and bonded 4 G/5 G streaming, you get superior live video quality and reliability. The LiveU Solo Pro and compatible SoloConnect Pro Modem kits are available at Videoguys. Call 800-323-2325 or visit for all your live production and streaming needs.

Videoguys TriCaster Mini Go

Simple, skillful and scalable, the TriCaster Mini Go offers all creators the simplest setup yet with a wealth of professional-level video production features that grow with you as you continue along your TriCaster live production journey. It’s perfect for streamers, gamers, podcasters, influencers, schools, colleges and universities, churches, corporations or content creators. There is a TriCaster for every production available at and from our nationwide network of trained and certified system integrators. Call 800-323-2325 or visit for all your live production and streaming needs.

Wrap it up with joy

Finding just the perfect gift for content creators can be a challenge. Some may already have gear, and some might have specific models in mind. It’s even harder when you’re not familiar with the content creator industry or its gear. Maybe you’ve taken on this challenge and learned something new about what the creators in your life do and what kinds of gear would make the best gifts for them. Or maybe you’re shopping for yourself this holiday season. No matter who you are or who you are buying for, whether for gaming, podcasting or beauty tutorials, we hope this holiday gift guide has helped.