An epic battle to be the most-subscribed YouTube channel has been raging. T-Series has dethroned long-reigning champ PewDiePie, marking the end of an epic back and forth for the top spot. But what if there’s something bigger at play, something far more sinister?

Have you considered that we’re all being played for fools in a false flag operation waged by PewDiePie? That’s right, what if there is no actual competition because PewDiePie is T-Series? Could it be that PewDiePie is orchestrating the complex campaign to create a buzz? A stunt to drive subscriber rates higher and higher.

Conflict is the basic root of all great stories

Feuds, Rivalry, Beef – staples of great entertainment from sports teams to rappers, right down to whether you were #TeamJacob or #TeamEdward. Nothing stirs up a fanbase like having an enemy. What If PewDiePie recognized this and realizing that no one could ever be true competition for his dominance, decided to create his own challenger? Only PewDiePie can compete with PewDiePie.

How would he accomplish such a task? I’m glad you asked

One theory is that PewDiePie has been playing the long game; secretly running T-Series channel for years as a strategic plan to benefit his own channel. As a huge fan of Bollywood soundtracks, PewDiePie saw in 2008 that the popular Indian music label had a channel they weren’t using. He knew the label had a formidable fanbase already and saw his golden opportunity.  He hacked the password (it was 123456) and began uploading content to their site, but he was clever, he only uploaded content they owned.

Thus PewDiePie himself began growing the channel into the second largest on YouTube in a devious scheme to give himself fake beef. Once T-Series started to challenge PewDiePie for the #1 spot, it gave his followers a rallying cry, to reach out and bring in new subscribers, creating a snowball effect. The beauty of the plot is that the company behind T-Series only benefits from Pewd hijacking their channel and the popularity they’ve gained through the rivalry that he’s created.

The implications

This would be master level manipulation and the implications are far-reaching. If PewDiePie and T-Series are two faces of the same coin, what else could be? What other false dichotomies do we accept as truth?  Are the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean really so different? Pancakes and waffles? Hamsters and gerbils?

Or what about Bloods and Crips? Yes, you’re inferring correctly; I’m suggesting that understanding the Truth behind PewDiePie and T-Series might be the key to creating world peace. Once we see that ‘the other’ is simply a reflection of ourselves, humanity can begin to heal – PewDiePie is the path that will lead us there.   

But if he can save us, the question becomes: Will he? Is it in PewDiePie’s interest to come clean, or does he have more to gain from the sham rivalry? With the fate of the world in his hands, we need to know what will PewDiePie do? And that’s where the inescapable genius of his plan really shines. Because the only way to find out what PewDiePie is going to do, is to subscribe to his page.  

PewDiePie with his head thrown back, laughing