What you owe your YouTube audience

YouTube audiences almost exclusively consume content for free. Since there’s typically no financial reciprocation or legal consequences of not delivering content, it’s safe to...

How to make money streaming on YouTube and Twitch

Twitch and Youtube are the two biggest platforms for live streaming for gamers, but which one will help you make the most money? Let’s...

Discord for YouTube Creators: How to Use Discord to Build an...

Since the invention of online video games, there has been a parallel development of voice and text chat clients targeting gamers. Cooperative online play...

Beyond the Screen: Strengthening Your Viewer Relationship

Despite the prevalence of buying Instagram followers, the best way to grow and maintain a successful digital career is through a real audience.As you...

h3h3 Productions strengthens fair use on YouTube

The fair use doctrine recently won an important legal battle, providing some more clarity on how copyrighted work can be used without necessarily seeking...

How to Grow an Audience on YouTube from Scratch

Building your channel from the ground up can be intimidating. There’s no surefire way to boost your subscriber count, but there are plenty of...

Why you Should Moderate your YouTube Comments

Any YouTube creator who sticks with their channel beyond a handful of videos will eventually need a strategy for handling the most active among...

Was Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Fiasco by Design?

It seems outrage is all the rage these days. Every morning, a new slew of offenses pop up on the public radar and we...

How do IP claims impact YouTubers?

If you are a creator who monetizes your content, you are most likely familiar with Intellectual Property claims (or DMCA Claims) and how they...

Surviving YouTube’s “Adpocalypse”

Have you noticed a dramatic dip in your YouTube revenue? Are you wanting to launch a show on YouTube but you’re concerned about the...



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