Bots are Ruining the Internet

Not all of the responses the world gives to your content are real. Follow bots, comment bots and other bot tools are affecting how...

Fighting the Adpocalypse with Ads Targeting Adults

The Adpocalypse is upon us and few are righteous enough to survive the horror that is demonetization. Creators are being forced to choose between...

Why the Adpocalypse May Bring Us Better Content in the Long...

Ad revenue really is gone, but I hate ads anyway.I hate advertisements. Which sucks, because a lot of really awesome creative people are supported by...

YouTube as a hobby

We talk a lot about YouTube as potential path to self-employment and independence, and for good reason. With little more than a smartphone and...

Making Money and Finding a Place for Yourself on YouNow

With the ever changing landscape of social outlets available for self expression, it’s difficult to choose the exact right one to use to show...

Opinions and Accountability as YouTube Grows Up

YouTube continues to showcase the daily lives of countless creators who openly share their beliefs and opinions with millions of viewers. But what happens...

Why You Should Think Twice Before Jumping on a New Social...

It happened; another social media platform has launched. It’s promising to be the next FacePinStagramChatBook, and you don’t want to miss out — so you join it.Though...

Is YouTube a career or a stepping stone?

Countless people have catapulted themselves to stardom using YouTube as a springboard. Casey Neistat, Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig are a few examples...

You have to love it

Treating YouTube like a hobby you can’t get enough of is the only way to make your channel work. Being a YouTuber is hard work. The...

PewDiePie: Artist for Our Times

#istandwithpewdiepieThis isn’t just about Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. This is about how certain publications have manufactured outrage over what should rightfully be classified as an...



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