Making Money and Finding a Place for Yourself on YouNow

With the ever changing landscape of social outlets available for self expression, it’s difficult to choose the exact right one to use to show...

There is no Easy Street

Successful YouTubers tend to place their overall strategies into two categories: make videos for searchers or make videos for repeat viewers. Both have their...

Don’t lose your YouTube channel to hackers

It seems like every couple weeks we hear a story about a major YouTube channel getting hacked and having their content deleted. Thankfully, Google...

Maintaining a YouTube Channel Long Term Requires a Creatively Sustainable Content...

Big name YouTubers are starting to crack. PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and Jacksepticeye are just three among many who have expressed stress over the pressure...

Fighting the Adpocalypse with Ads Targeting Adults

The Adpocalypse is upon us and few are righteous enough to survive the horror that is demonetization. Creators are being forced to choose between...

TikTok might not be worth your time

It seems that every two or three years a new social media platform catches everyone's attention, and YouTubers are quick to jump on board....

YouTube’s Celebrity Takeover

Celebrities coming to YouTube is hurting small creators. And YouTube knows it.
woman wearing brown fur coat against a red backdrop

Don’t stress over your subscriber count

How do you measure success on your YouTube channel? Likes? Views? Ad revenue? If you’re like most YouTubers, the key metric you’re tracking isn’t...

GIFs are Improving Modern Language. Here’s How.

Early uses of animated GIFs online were mainly for decoration. Web designers unironically plastered their sites with tacky, digital animations seemingly in a competition...

Why YouTube?

We start YouTube channels for a variety of reasons: to share ideas, to become rich and famous, to entertain and to educate. Still, YouTube has its...


How to Make a Viral Video

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube


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