Why the Adpocalypse May Bring Us Better Content in the Long...

Ad revenue really is gone, but I hate ads anyway.I hate advertisements. Which sucks, because a lot of really awesome creative people are supported by...

If Your Channel Relies on Advertising Revenue Alone, Proceed With Caution

#youtubeisoverpartyThe advertising industry is a fickle beast. While we as content creators like to think of ourselves as servants of our audience, they’re often...

You have to love it

Treating YouTube like a hobby you can’t get enough of is the only way to make your channel work. Being a YouTuber is hard work. The...

How Old Media Practices Might Work on YouTube

Since the videos you post on YouTube could be viewed by anyone at anytime, why would a channel choose to release videos on a...

Well. There goes BuzzFeed

By now, most everyone with an internet connection has heard that BuzzFeed has gone through some major layoffs in the past months. Roughly 15%...
Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman

Lilly Singh is going mainstream

Her ability to engage an audience is undeniable. She’s completely self-made. It makes perfect sense that NBC would make Lilly Singh a host and also an Executive Producer.
TikTok logo on smartphone

What is TikTok and why is it so popular?

TikTok is a social media app where users create videos of up to 60 seconds. It's a simple concept and one that isn’t new....

Why you should make reaction videos

What is a Reaction Video? As other trends have come and gone, the genre of reaction videos has endured on YouTube for well over a...
YouTube Trends: cancel culture

YouTube trends: What is cancel culture?

With all that’s happening on YouTube, we thought it would be good to go over what is trending topics on YouTube and its community of creators and users.

YouTube’s community guidelines are rooted in its ad-driven business model

Put into place to foster a safe environment viewers and advertisers alike, YouTube has occasionally taken heat from creators who believe their community guidelines...


How to Make a Viral Video

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube


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