PewDiePie: Artist for Our Times

#istandwithpewdiepieThis isn’t just about Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. This is about how certain publications have manufactured outrage over what should rightfully be classified as an...

Why the Adpocalypse May Bring Us Better Content in the Long...

Ad revenue really is gone, but I hate ads anyway.I hate advertisements. Which sucks, because a lot of really awesome creative people are supported by...
Twitch, YouTube

The only company that can compete head to head with YouTube

Although people have suspected that YouTube’s main competitor would eventually be Facebook — i.e., the other half of the advertising duopoly — the only company poised to seriously...

This is YouTuber

A Digital Magazine for Online Video Creators YouTuber’s mission is to support online video creators at all levels — from those with a million subscribers to those with...

Is YouTube a career or a stepping stone?

Countless people have catapulted themselves to stardom using YouTube as a springboard. Casey Neistat, Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig are a few examples...

If Your Channel Relies on Advertising Revenue Alone, Proceed With Caution

#youtubeisoverpartyThe advertising industry is a fickle beast. While we as content creators like to think of ourselves as servants of our audience, they’re often...

Maintaining a YouTube Channel Long Term Requires a Creatively Sustainable Content...

Big name YouTubers are starting to crack. PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and Jacksepticeye are just three among many who have expressed stress over the pressure...
YouTube Trends: cancel culture

YouTube trends: What is cancel culture?

With all that’s happening on YouTube, we thought it would be good to go over what is trending topics on YouTube and its community of creators and users.
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The Commodity of Attention

As YouTubers, we’re not as much in the video business as we’re in the attention business. We use our video-making skills to capture attention,...

Well. There goes BuzzFeed

By now, most everyone with an internet connection has heard that BuzzFeed has gone through some major layoffs in the past months. Roughly 15%...


How to Make a Viral Video

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube


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