An interview with Julie Nolke

Welcome to our first Creator Handbook video interview! Our managing editor Haley chats with Julie Nolke, a writer, actor and comedian that runs her...

How Das Valdez is pioneering the virtual field trip

K Space Academy Subscribers: 9.27KUploads: 403Video Views: 1,034,915Channel Type: GamesUser Created: Sep 12th, 2014 When you log on to Twitch, you expect to find people...

Julie Nolke on creating relatable content with a unique perspective

Chances are if you enjoy any sort of comedic content on YouTube, especially in this last year, you've probably heard of Julie Nolke. Julie uploads weekly comedy sketches to her channel. Her cheeky sense of humor and relatability make her videos a joy to watch for a wide range of audiences.

Cherry Wallis: The magic behind YouTube’s Harry Potter whiz

Cherry Wallis has amassed over half a million subscribers, 54 million views, and a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award — all for her Harry Potter content.
YouTuber Jack Edwards

A chat with YouTube’s resident librarian, Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards stands out as a YouTuber for his portrayal of his experiences in university and thoughtful content surrounding literature.

LGR brings retro gaming and tech to life on YouTube

Clint Basinger of LGR (short for Lazy Game Reviews) is a dynamic Youtuber with not only one, but three successful Youtube channels. Clint's flagship,...
YouTuber Andrew Rea

Binging With Babish: Inside Andrew Rea’s cooking empire

YouTuber Andrew Rea has built a thriving community that can't get enough of his cooking content.

Koalipops and the ingredients to YouTube success: An interview with JK...

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to make a creative cake for a celebration — or have stumbled down the internet rabbit hole of...
Brianna Arsement

Changing the game: An interview with Brianna Arsement

For a growing number of people, being a full-time YouTuber is a dream job. For Brianna Arsement, that dream became a reality in less...

Comedy, Community and Survival: A Conversation With Neebs Gaming

There’s no shortage of gaming creators on YouTube. In order to truly stand out, you have to do something unique and special. Neebs Gaming...


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