Brianna Arsement

Changing the game: An interview with Brianna Arsement

For a growing number of people, being a full-time YouTuber is a dream job. For Brianna Arsement, that dream became a reality in less...

How Jazza harnesses art to succeed on YouTube

Before he was a successful YouTube artist and entrepreneur, Josiah Brooks was just another geeky kid. He first turned to art as an escape,...

Creating change online: An interview with Riley J. Dennis

On the internet, strong opinions are magnets for trolls, but that hasn't deterred Riley J. Dennis from her efforts to create change online.

How Das Valdez is pioneering the virtual field trip

K Space Academy Subscribers: 9.27KUploads: 403Video Views: 1,034,915Channel Type: GamesUser Created: Sep 12th, 2014 When you log on to Twitch, you expect to find people...
YouTuber Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian: YouTube’s murder mystery, makeup maven

Do you like watching makeup videos on YouTube? Are you a fan of murder mysteries and true crime? What about both? If you answered...

Cherry Wallis: The magic behind YouTube’s Harry Potter whiz

Cherry Wallis has amassed over half a million subscribers, 54 million views, and a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award — all for her Harry Potter content.

Chaotic Good: An Interview with Hallease

A videographer based in Texas, Hallease has been active on YouTube since 2009. Read on to learn about her production process and motivation for...

Just Keep Writing: An Interview with Sage Hyden of Just Write

Rising video essay star Sage Hyden sits down with YouTuber to discuss his video making process, to speak to some of his recent successes...
Animated version of Ilyssa

Healing through Animation and Shared Experience: An Interview with Ilyssa of...

In the past few years on YouTube, the animation community has blown up with new and exciting artists and storytellers. Among these expanding channels...

How Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger Jeanine Amapola Gets Things Done

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Jeanine Amapola explains the exact steps and tools she uses to create videos, which have so far garnered her over...


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