Finding free stream overlays: What you need and where to look

The world of live streaming is growing more and more each year. One way to make your stream look more polished is with the use of stream overlays.
Royalty-free music

A quick guide to royalty-free music for creators

When it comes to creating engaging online content, one area that should never be overlooked is music and sound effects. Good audio enhances the...

Ten funny YouTube channels that will make you laugh

From parodies to satires, to the zany and the bizarre, when it comes to humor and comedy, YouTube has it all. Where television once took center stage, YouTube has now become the golden standard of video, filled with both venerated and rising comedians from around the world with only one objective—making you laugh.

How these 6 big brands use YouTube successfully

A company's brand is their one-of-a-kind story that helps build customer loyalty. Through the use of YouTube, big brands and companies like Nike, Vogue...

Scripting an educational video: What’s the objective?

Video producers don’t need to be good writers because they only need to communicate visually, right? Wrong. Successful content creators need to be competent...
Twitch's copyright explained - copyright free music for twitch feature image

Twitch’s copyright rules for creators explained

Knowing what you can use on stream can be hard. 'Copyright free" music may lead to a Twitch DMCA strike. Here's how to protect your channel.

YouTube video ideas: popular types of videos

During the last six months, being stuck inside has become the norm. Most people have taken this time to discover a new interest, learn...

Writing a video script is still important for YouTube

Given the impromptu nature of some YouTube content, it may seem like creators could forego the script-writing phase. Doing so, however, will inevitably lead...


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