Subathon featured image

A guide to hosting a great subathon

You've likely heard the term 'subathon.' They can be a great way to garner subscriptions and boost brand awareness.

How these six big brands use YouTube successfully

A company's brand is their one-of-a-kind story that helps build customer loyalty. Through the use of YouTube, big brands and companies like Nike, Vogue...

High-quality content at zero budget: A creator’s guide to free assets

Almost every creator will have experienced the same issue when finishing off a project. It looks good, but it’s missing that small element that...

Guide: 10 More YouTubers that Deserve More Subs

YouTube is a massive platform and with such a huge amount of content on the site to choose from, it’s easy to...
Here's how you can spot deepfakes

What are deepfakes and how do you identify them?

What are deepfake videos? You have likely seen them and not even noticed. Deepfake video tech is improving and becoming harder distinguish from real video.

How to Market Your YouTube Channel without Spending Any Money

One of the largest hurdles that new creators face is getting more exposure for their channels.Getting more people to view a video or subscribe...

Everything you should know about a fair use disclaimer

If you plan to share someone else's work online, you should first find out if you're protected under "fair use" copyright law. Whenever you use someone else's videos, photos, or digital content without their permission, it can lead to all kinds of legal embarrassments and claims of copyright infringement.

A creator’s guide to New Year’s resolutions

We have the ancient Babylonians to thank for New Year’s resolutions, but if you’re a video creator, chances are you too have dabbled in...

Growing a beauty channel while staying out of drama

The big blemish on the face of the online beauty community is the drama that often comes along with it. In a highly competitive industry run by designer divas, it’s not much of a surprise. Fortunately, it’s still possible to have a successful beauty channel while staying out of the drama. We’ll show you how others are putting out consistent videos and growing their audience without getting tangled up in the trash-talking.
How long does it take to upload a video to YouTube featured image

How long does it take to upload a video to YouTube?

The time it takes to upload a video to YouTube depends on several factors. In this article, we will go over all of them.



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