How to make a YouTube intro that compels your audience

Have you ever stopped watching a YouTube video because the intro is too bad or too long? This can be prevented with a great...

How these 5 YouTubers utilize social media

We highlight five of the biggest YouTubers to show you how to engage with your audience and grow your online presence through social media.

Lighting for YouTube videos: all the options

Starting a Youtube channel comes with its challenges, many of which will work out as you progress through trial and error. One test is the ability to create visually appealing videos. A great way to overcome this is to step up your video lighting game. Yet with all the lighting options available, which ones are worth your time and money?
stylized copyright symbol with YouTube logo

Navigating YouTube’s copyright system

The consequences of ignoring the business side of your creative may be anything but fun. Case in point: YouTube’s copyright system.
Here's how you can spot deepfakes

What are deepfakes and how do you identify them?

What are deepfake videos? You have likely seen them and not even noticed. Deepfake video tech is improving and becoming harder distinguish from real video.

ASMR microphone – what to look for

The best microphone for ASMR is the one that gives you the most clarity and the least noise.
Subathon featured image

A guide to hosting a great subathon

You've likely heard the term 'subathon.' They can be a great way to garner subscriptions and boost brand awareness.

Guide: Free Learning Resources

A Guide for Video Creators We’ve all enjoyed the fruits of prevailing freemium business models practiced by online sellers and providers. Having shed free trials and...
A guide to Twitch categories featured image

A guide to Twitch categories

Twitch uses a system of categories to organize its livestreams. Here's everything you need to know about this system.

Best YouTube SEO practices — 2021

For a video to get recognized on YouTube, it takes close precision to ensure you are doing everything possible to appear on the landing page. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an absolute must, and were here to show you the best YouTube SEO practices.


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