Saturday, April 10, 2021

9 Must-read Books from Your Favorite YouTube Creators

Partially seen as a good business move, writing a book provides a way to spread your brand across a new medium to a new potential audience.

Guide: How To Become The Biggest YouTuber Ever

So you want to be the world’s biggest YouTuber, huh? Well good news, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got here for you...

Guide: 10 More YouTubers that Deserve More Subs

YouTube is a massive platform and with such a huge amount of content on the site to choose from, it’s easy to...

YouTube Instruction by Design: Using Instructional Design to Make More Effective...

Perhaps you’ve had this experience: You want to learn something, so you go to YouTube. You find a likely video and start...

Guide: Free Learning Resources

A Guide for Video Creators We’ve all enjoyed the fruits of prevailing freemium business models practiced by online sellers and providers. Having shed free trials and...

How to Market Your YouTube Channel without Spending Any Money

One of the largest hurdles that new creators face is getting more exposure for their channels.Getting more people to view a video or subscribe...

In-person events for online creators

Without a doubt, the only thing better than an online video community is an in-person community. Thanks to conventions like VidCon, more conventions are popping...

The 11 best cooking channels on YouTube

Still looking for your YouTube niche? Maybe this list of top cooking channels will inspire you to share your culinary expertise. Even if you’re not the chef-type, you can still learn from the strategies these successful channels employ.
stylized copyright symbol with YouTube logo

Navigating YouTube’s copyright system

The consequences of ignoring the business side of your creative may be anything but fun. Case in point: YouTube’s copyright system.

Guide to creating content during the pandemic: Staying creative while staying...

The times in which we live in certainly have changed! Many of us are becoming used to the idea of staying at home more...