If the rumors are true, everyday creators may have an affordable new full-frame camera bursting onto the scene in the not-so-distant future. 

Canon Rumors has reported that a “pretty solid source with a decent track record,” has provided information indicating Canon is preparing to release a full-frame RF mount camera for less than $800 at some point in 2022. For context, the Canon EOS RP had a retail price of $1,299 when it was first unveiled. Other full-frame models from Canon and competitors like Sony and Panasonic regularly retail for significantly more. 

Canon has not confirmed (or denied) any of this information. So, it’s best to proceed with at least a moderate amount of caution with this rumor. If it’s legitimate, though, it could potentially be a game-changer for creators everywhere.

Canon’s rumored full-frame camera could exponentially decrease the cost of entry

You don’t necessarily need high-end equipment to make great content as a creator. That being said, putting some production value into your content can only improve things, and equipment such as a full-frame camera can be a huge help in that department. A camera with a full-frame sensor offers several benefits – from the ability to shoot with a wider field of view to improved low light performance and much more – that, if utilized properly, can serve as the avenue for creators to elevate the way their content looks.

Up to this point, the problem with full-frame cameras (at least for up-and-coming creators) has been their cost. If Canon can deliver a full-frame camera for less than $1K, that would open the door for far more creators to have access to quality gear. 

Of course, it’s impossible to say at the moment if this unreleased, budget camera will have enough performance to be considered a value. But if it comes anywhere near the capabilities of Canon full-frame cameras we’ve tested in the past, it should be cause for optimism among the creator community.