Byte, the spiritual successor to Vine, has revealed new details about its partner program. This program will allow creators to make money on the platform.

Byte creators will have monetization options along with direct contact with the platform, access to experimental features, and meet and greets. Byte, having been out just over a week now, has had a great opening. With more than 780,000 downloads in its first weekend for iOS and Android, it is looking good for Byte. And now with monetization coming to the platform, things seem like they’re about to get even better.

This gives Byte a leg up against its direct competitor: TikTok, which doesn’t have a direct monetization system currently.

Byte wants to give its creators the majority of revenue

According to Byte, its ultimate plan is to give creators the majority of the revenue to its creators. We are already seeing that. Byte will share 100 percent of the ad revenue with creators during its partner pilot. However, the partner program will be by invitation only — at least for now. So Byte is reaching out to creators to join. Creators can apply by filling out a Google Form.

The program will be US-only at the start, but that program will expand out to other creators in the next few weeks.

The partner pool money will be funded by ads. However, Byte says there will be no ads in the following feed or ads running as pre-roll ads in front of Byte videos. There also will be no retargeting, which tracks people and their history around the internet to push them to buy a product.

For now, revenue will be small

This goes without saying, the platform is still very young. It just released about a week ago. So, the partner pool and revenue will be small for now. Ad revenue will be based on a viewership bracket system. Partner pools will be established every 120 days with payouts in four 30-day installment periods. Depending on viewership in the 30-day period, creators will be put into brackets. Everyone in the same bracket will be paid the same.