After launching just a few days ago, Byte, the spiritual successor to Vine, is off to an impressive start. In this short time, it’s sitting at the top of app store charts.

By the end of the day Friday, which was when it was launched, Byte rose to the number 1 spot on Apple’s ‘free’ app charts. Additionally, the app is currently the third most-downloaded free iOS app in the U.S through App Annie, and number 12 on the Google Play charts in the free category as well. This is a very strong showing from the Dom Hofmann app. Hofmann co-founded Vine. However, the launch didn’t come without a few setbacks.

A slightly rocky launch

Right now, there’s a comment spamming issue on Byte. Hofmann posted on the Community Forums to let everyone know that they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

“This is our top priority and we’re working very hard to address it,” Hofmann wrote. “It should be noticeably better than it was twenty-four hours ago and should continue to improve over the next little while.”

The new platform will be adding the ability to like comments, as well as block, filter, or limit commenting on content. This should lower the amount of spam being posted on Byte.

The future of content creation on Byte

After the spamming issue is solved, Byte developers will work on tightening things like content discovery, content creation and monetization. We’re sure that there will be a flock of Vine users and creators trying out Byte. It’s been described as “both familiar and new” to Vine fans. Byte videos are six-second looping videos that are uploaded from camera rolls or Byte’s in-app camera.

Searching for creators and content is still in early development, but users can currently use features like trending lists and editorially-curated posts to find content.

Byte promises to continue to improve and further support creators with additional feautres. We will see if that promise blossoms.