Calling all creators with dream projects they can’t do because they lack funding: Artlist, a subscription-based platform with a library of licensable assets, announced a new 100K fund. This grant program gives an opportunity to creators to showcase their dream video ideas for a chance to win $100K in the process.

Artlist offers up $100k

Artlist says only one creator gets to win the six-figure reward. So, when making the pitch, the platform encourages the creators to make the “edgiest, craziest, most over-the-top idea.” 

“What would you create with $100k?” Artlist asked in its video announcement. “Perhaps it’s a video idea so over-the-top that you’ve never imagined you can finance it. Or maybe it’s an entire YouTube channel you’ve always dreamed of launching,” Artlist adds. 

To get a better chance of winning the grant, Artlists says they are looking for a pitch with a strong hook, a clear concept and a visual style that showcases your dream project. 

How to submit to the $100K fund

Both individuals and groups can submit. The only catch is you’re limited to just one proposal video. However, on the plus side, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Artlist subscriber or not; you can submit. Each pitch video should be no longer than 90-second. To be eligible for this grant, the video should be uploaded to social media and tag with the hashtag #Artlist100KFund. Fill out the form on Artlist website to complete your application process. 

Creators have until October 5th to submit their applications. Artlist will then make a list of finalists who will be given a chance to submit pitches to the company and get interviewed by the platform’s team. The winner of the $100k fund will be announced in November.