Inspire is a TikTok-like shopping experience that supports both photo and video feeds on Amazon. With the popularity of vertical scrolling on TikTok, like other companies, Amazon adapted the style to boost its direct sales. Just early this week, Amazon sent out invitations to select influencers for a “limited time only incentive,” offering creators $25 per video they post on Inspire. 

The offer: Make Inspire videos for a chance at $25

As per screenshots posted on X from user Drojo24, Amazon is offering influencers $12,500 for a maximum of 500 qualifying Inspire videos or $25 per video that meets its criteria. The content should be “a product review of two or more products, a product comparison video, a ranking video listing the best product in a certain category, or even gift inspiration featuring multiple products.”

According to Amazon, submitting the videos to Inspire will give the creators exposure to the Amazon site and earn commissions. The company plans to cap this initiative at 35,000 videos, which cost $875,000. Influencers and creators can submit their content before September 22. 

Creators’ reactions to the rate

Creators took to social media their dismay at the rate. According to them, $25 is not even a fraction of the cost that influencers charge for the kinds of videos Amazon is asking for. As reported by Brands Meet Creators, the normal charge for this type of content is $212, and the commonly requested rate is $150 per video. Amazon is yet to respond to the complaints about its offered rates. 

With TikTok expanding its on-app shopping experience, Amazon is pushing its own shopping app Inspire to draw more customers. The company relied on free customer reviews on its site to sell products; however, with the success of TikTok in incorporating e-commerce on its app, Amazon needs influencers to boost theirs. However, with a lowball rate, Amazon might not see success with this initiative.