Sometimes, one of the most significant challenges to launching a successful channel on a social media platform isn’t getting people to engage in your content — it’s getting people to watch your content, period. One of the most challenging hurdles many content creators face is gaining followers. But back in 2017, Twitch, the most popular livestreaming platform on the internet, introduced a feature that aimed to ease the pain of snatching potential viewers. Enter raiding, a feature that allows users to send their viewers to another user’s stream. So, whether you’re curious about the feature or simply a newbie to Twitch, raiding may be the tool you’re looking for.

What is a Twitch raid?

The raid feature on Twitch lets you send your live audience to another channel. It’s an option you can use during your stream or when you go offline. However, it’s best used right after your broadcast when all your viewers are there and need something new to watch.

Twitch raid
Image courtesy: Twitch

Raiding vs. hosting

New Twitch streamers are sometimes confused about whether they should choose raid or host another stream when starting out. Both help streamers circulate the word about each other and reach broader audiences. However, they’re different — even though it is still possible to host someone during a raid. Hosting, however, doesn’t forward your audience. It’s geared more toward showcasing content when you are offline. When you host another channel, it shows another streamer’s broadcast on your channel, but it keeps your chats separate. Raiding, however, is a call-to-action feature that spreads awareness among live streamers and allows you to build a community and larger fan base. The bottom line is that you can get more out of raiding if you’re looking to grow your channel’s popularity.

The benefits of raiding

The most rewarding benefit of utilizing Twitch’s raiding feature is the networking opportunities. If you raid streamers often, there’s a good chance they will raid you back. While you expose your audience to them, they will expose their audiences to you. The next thing you know, your raids may lead to your channel having a broader following and growing community. It’s ultimately a win-win.

Raiding gives you and the streamer you’re raiding access to a deluge of fans, subscriptions, donations and groups who share similar interests. Whether you decide to raid big or small channels, they both have their benefits. The smaller, up-and-coming channels, which may be looking to expand their base, will be grateful and spread the word on your content. Raiding larger channels will put more eyes on your content and possibly rake in more subscribers. Overall, raiding helps you get your name out there. With Twitch raiding, you can lure in a new audience, increase your network and boost your current one.

How to raid someone on Twitch

Before you start raiding, let your viewers and target know. Ask livestreamers you don’t know for their go-ahead before raiding them. You can then start your Twitch raid by typing into your channel’s chatbox. You can also use Twitch’s mobile or desktop app instead of a browser.

  1. First, type ‘/raid (target’s channel name)’ into chat.
  2. Next, click ‘Raid Now’ on the pop-up control box.
  3. After hitting the ‘Raid Now’ option, a pop-up message will follow that will show you a 10-second timer. This pop-up also tracks the number of viewers opting into the raid. After 10 seconds, you can click the ‘Raid Now’ button and carry out the raid.
  4. If you want to cancel the raid, you can. You will have the option to cancel if you change your mind.
  5. After raiding, any users who go to your channel will be directed to the raided channel.

Keep in mind that you are the one in charge of who can raid you and it’s the same for other streamers. You can manage any incoming Twitch raids by going to your Creator Dashboard and clicking on ‘Stream Settings.’ You can go to the Raids section and choose between ‘allow all raids’ or ‘allow raids from friends, teammates, and followed channels.’ So, it’s possible you won’t be able to raid certain streamers depending on their settings for raids.

Time to start raiding

There you have it. You now know how to raid on Twitch. So, the next time you go live on Twitch, be sure to check out the raid tool. Raiding builds a sense of community with your fellow live streamers. It allows streamers to support each other. You make new friends while continuing to entertain and indulge existing ones. Raiding is also a great networking feature that helps you expand your brand without costly marketing and promotional tools. Being raided on Twitch is one of the best experiences you can get on the platform. With it comes fun, excitement and encouragement.