Unbox Therapy is not the only YouTube channel that appraises and evaluates current technology in the trending tech marketplace. In fact, there are many such channels on YouTube, and over 60% of Millennials tune in on a daily basis. But out of the top 7 tech channels on YouTube, including Marques Brownlee with 2.7 million subscribers and counting, Canadian YouTuber, Lewis George Hilsenteger, better known as Unbox Therapy, remains unchallenged and invincible as the number one tech authority in the game. Unbox Therapy went 1 million subscribers in 2014 to a whopping 15 million subscribers as of August this year. He has had over 3 billion views on his videos since July and continues to be the self-made go-to guy for tech reviews.

So why is Unbox Therapy the most popular and trusted reviewer in the tech review market? What makes him stand out from the competition? And how could any up-and-coming tech reviewer ever hope to be as good as him? To find the answers, first, we have to consider all the things that Unbox Therapy continues to do right and how he continues to improve. Here are five key strategies we can take from Unbox Therapy and apply to our own channels

1. Plan your shots

At the core of Unbox Therapy’s success is a catalog of high-quality videos. Unlike some YouTubers, Lewis includes various camera angles in his reviews. Wide angles and closeups provide interest beyond a single POV. He edits his videos to include insert shots as he unwraps each product and uses these detail shots to show off the most important features and specs.

Lewis doesn’t skimp on image quality either. He uses some of the best equipment available to video content makers, including the Canon EOS C500. It’s also obvious that the show is recorded entirely in a studio space — not in a living room or office. There are ultra-wide display monitors, catchy background wall prints, sound mixers, tripods, and studio furniture professionally placed all around the set. This adds substantially to the production value of his show. 

Unbox Therapy has the advantage of video quality and production thanks to Lewis’s background in photography and video editing. Nevertheless, you don’t need a formal education or expensive budget to produce quality videos. With some planning, you can create video content that is just as engaging as that of Unbox Therapy. Think about how you can include creative camera angles that will attract viewers. This s one of Unbox Therapy’s main strengths; he plans out his shots and camera angles, and he takes creative risks on focal points and POVs. He captures reaction shots, keeps the pacing brisk and engaging and manages to keep the viewer engrossed in his video for the entire duration.

2. Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting is another touch of professionalism that Lewis includes in his studio setup. The value here is not just in quality but in positioning. The set is lit from above using the variation of the three-point lighting setup. He uses softboxes to create a nice, soft look, with lights are positioned on both sides and kept at a distance. 

As part of the Unbox Therapy set design, Lewis uses a white table that reflects light back up from below. This keeps things extra flat and balanced. He also lights the background with a wider, soft-edged beam of light.

One of the key factors in balancing lighting and avoiding shadows is positioning your lighting properly. Unbox Therapy probably learned this early while studying photography. Once you know where you intend to place your camera, you have to complement each shot with proper light placement. You can do this for a fraction of the cost that Unbox Therapy has invested and still produce professional-looking videos. 

3. Work on your presentation

One of the main reasons Unbox Therapy is so well known and trusted is Lewis’s enthusiasm. His vigorous energy and vibrant personality become so engaging on the camera that watching him is like watching a child unwrap presents Christmas morning. He turns each unwrapping into an enjoyable experience with his facial expressions and body language. Anyone can unwrap a box and give a review on the content inside, but not everyone does it with as much knowledge and enthusiasm as Unbox Therapy. 

Part of why this is so effective is that Lewis records his spontaneous, authentic reactions. Plus, he doesn’t just review a product, he tests them, examines them, toys with them, so that the viewer can get a better understanding of their durability and performance. Unbox Therapy doesn’t just show viewers how to use a product or if a product is worth the investment, he shows viewers just how much he loves what he does. 

4. Consider sound design

In addition to high-quality audio that adds to, rather than distracts from, the overall production, Unbox Therapy also makes effective use of music in each video. Music adds a background sensation to each of his videos that is unparalleled to soundtracks featured on similar tech review channels. It’s obvious that Lewis loves great music and works to find the right tune for each product. A soundtrack is an important ingredient to any production. Unbox Therapy makes sure to add that additional life and mood to his videos by lacing them with the right tune.

5. Pick the right products

Unbox Therapy was already buying new tech toys when he started doing unboxings on YouTube. Doing everything out-of-pocket helped build his career. He started his review of tech toys on Apple products and swiftly enhanced his resume to include more than just a single brand, but a host of manufacturers of laptops, phones, games, and innovative devices. He comments on new devices, upgrades, and the controversies surrounding popular gadgets and tech toys.

If there’s a new product about to be released from Apple, unbox Therapy is already on top of it, giving an open-minded and trustworthy review without technically promoting the product. He provides top to bottom knowledge of an item before going live on camera. What makes Unbox Therapy’s channels on YouTube, Instagram and other online platforms is that his reviews don’t only cover popular or trending technology products, but also ones that may interest people in niche markets or very few reviewers have access to. 

Final thoughts

Unbox Therapy is to tech products what PewdiePie is to gaming — just a guy big on personality and passion. This gift is what makes people like Unbox Therapy all the more addictive to his audience and fans. For tech enthusiasts considering building their own channel or brand, do what Unbox Therapy has done from the beginning of his renowned career: be natural and true to yourself. The skills needed to produce polished video content to share with the world will develop naturally as you gain experience.