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Person on TikTok
Nepal announced on November 13 that it’s banning the social media app TikTok. But TikTokers in Nepal think it's a step too far.
Instagram rolls out new video editing tools
Instagram is updating its suite of video editing tools with fresh features that make content creation more exciting.
Twitch Super Chat deprecated
Twitch announced it's decided to “deprecate” Hype Chat starting this month. Instead, the platform will invest further into Cheering and Bits.
The first annual VTuber Awards 2023
VTubers will be getting their own award show, the first annual VTuber Awards 2023. It will be held this December.
YouTube is working on a chatbot for videos
YouTube has been working on different AI tools since September. Now, the platform is rolling out a chatbot for videos.

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TikTok is closing its Creator Fund
TikTok has announced that it is closing its Creator Fund. The monetization program will officially shut down this December.
YouTube For You feature on channels
YouTube has announced that it's launching a For You section for content creators' pages to better recommend relevant videos.
Recently, MrBeast went to Cameroon, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Zimbabwe to build 100 wells, giving their communities safe drinking water.
YouTube ad blocking crackdown is working
YouTube is now doing a "small global experiment" to crack down on ad blockers, and it seems like it's working.
Meta lets creators do A/B testing on Facebook Reels
Meta announced a couple of tools to help them optimize their content creation process — namely, A/B testing for Facebook Reels.